The Funnel Introduction

A good essay introduction serves three purposes: it grabs the readers' attention, introduces the topic and states the thesis statement (i.e. the writer's stance on the topic). At best, the writer is clear and engaging, making the readers want to read on. At worst, he or she bores or confuses them to the point that … Continue reading The Funnel Introduction

My Favourite Literary Classics

Let's be honest, classics don’t enjoy the best reputation. Most people consider them boring, outdated, difficult to understand. Back in high school, I wasn’t the biggest fan of classics either. I always wondered why we had to read such old books, why we couldn't just read something more contemporary. However, the older I get, the … Continue reading My Favourite Literary Classics

Why Pursue a Degree in the Humanities?

Did you know J.K. Rowling studied French and Classics? Wikipedia Founder Larry Sanger holds a PhD in philosophy? Or YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has a bachelor’s degree in History and Literature? Contrary to popular belief, humanities students (that is philosophy, literature, language, religion, art, or history students) can become more than teachers. In fact, it’s … Continue reading Why Pursue a Degree in the Humanities?